Shades Structures and Pergolas

Play it cool with shade structures and pergolas!

When the sun is burning hot outside and you’re supposed to do some fun activities out in the open, do you think you can really keep your head cool and would still want to continue with your plans? Actually, there’s really no need for you to be in such a situation if you have pergolas and shade structures built within your property.

Pergolas and other shade structures are meant to shield you from any wide-open space you may be at such as parking lots, playgrounds, stadiums, amphitheaters, public parks, and even in your very own backyard. These can protect you from harmful UV rays, unexpected rain, and all other debris and particles that may fall to where you are positioned. The best thins about shade structures and pergolas is that they can be easily installed to an already completed project like an existing playground, patio cover, deck, walkways, porch area, and more.

So, what are you waiting for? Build your own pergolas and shade structures so that the next time you’re out in the open, you know you are protected from the elements and you can extend your time being outdoors. Call for professional help from our team of skilled deck builders in Fairfield County who specialize in constructing cool, comfortable, and beautiful pergolas. They also handle builds like new shade installationpool deckpatio covers, and cover repair.

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Common Types of Shade Structures

There are different types of shade structures that you can choose from, and knowing their various applications will help you better decide the right one for your needs.

1. Shade Canopy

For areas without enough ground space, a shade canopy is the best design to have. They are also an ideal solution to those who are on a tight budget but really need to cover a small area.

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Cantilever Shade Brookfield CT Deck Builders

2. Cantilever Shade

It is by far the most universal type of shade structure as it can fit in any location. These shades are best for spaces that need to keep minimal posts, in order to create a cool and open feel.

3. Hip Shade Structure

If you need to shade both small and large areas, then go with a hip shade structure. They are very stable and they provide full protection from rain, sun, and snow. Hip shades can be joined together to achieve a customized shade design fit for playgrounds, parking lots, pool surroundings, and other outdoor seating areas.

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Types of Pergolas

Look at these most popular types of pergolas and see for yourself which one is best suited to your needs.

1. Wood Pergolas

The naturalistic style and feel of wood pergolas make it the most popular choice for those who’d like to keep the area’s vibe plain, simple, and clean. One of the cheaper kinds of wood pergolas is pressure treated wood, and they are good for humid climates.

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2. Vinyl Pergolas

Want a classy, elegant look for your pergola? Go with vinyl pergolas! They can easily last a lifetime and they require little to no maintenance. But, just be aware that vinyl come in mostly white or variations of white, so you won’t really be able to mix up with other colors of your choosing.

3. Fiberglass Pergolas

A fiberglass material won’t rust and corrode regardless of the kind of element it is exposed to. They don’t absorb moisture that’s why it doesn’t easily crack and its paint will not easily peel off. Most importantly, fiberglass pergolas have an incredibly long lifespan.

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