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Where Our Services Are Needed

Ludlow Deck Builders is a premiere deck maker that offers all kinds of deck building services, including residential and commercial deck installationrepairs and renovation, design, and cleaning. We also offer other services such as custom deck installation, composite decking, deck lightings and railings, multi-level decking, pool deck installation, trex decking, patios and hardscapes, and shade structures and pergolas. If these projects are included in your priority list, call us now so we can go straight to your location!

Why Choose Us

Choosing the right deck maker is an extremely critical step in realizing all the big plans you have for your outdoor space to make it more aesthetically appealing and functional. Since this home development project is a serious investment of time, money, and finances, you need to be very careful in choosing not just anyone whom you think is good. Hire a team who embodies the needed qualities to deliver you what you exactly needed. That’s where Ludlow Deck Builders come in. Contact us today to get a free instant quote of our deck building services!


We have a stellar reputation with past clients and collaborators. Our years of experience in deck construction enables us to perfect any project delegated to us. As we’ve already known the ins and outs of deck building, we can assure you that our build will hit the bar of your expectations.

Communication is key to achieving quality results. That’s why our local deck builders in Fairfield CT give prime importance to this aspect. We are not only skilled and experienced; we also give timely responses to all our clients’ queries and concerns. It’s one of our values to always involve our clients in the planning, design, and construction processes. We give utmost respect to what our clients have to say about their project.  

We don’t want you to feel burdened by the thought that there might be hidden charges or upfront fees when you hire us. It’s not who we are. As professional deck builders serving the whole Fairfield county area, we will help you achieve your home development project by sticking to your planned finances. We can make necessary adjustments on our end so we can cater the budget of our clients. All our services are fairly priced and everything you want for its design and function will not be compromised. 

We take pride in what our previous clients’ think of our services. Their positive feedback is an attestation of the fine qualities we possess and the kind of work ethics we uphold. From their testimonies, you can tell how professional, skilled, and experienced we are in the craft that we do.

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Our Goal

It is our company’s goal to provide you with top notch deck building services in both commercial and residential properties. We establish solid partnership with our valued clients through understanding their project requirements, and we dedicate ourselves to meeting and exceeding these requirements. Quality build, affordable services, and customer satisfaction are the core values of our company.

Our Team

Each member of our team brings a different skillset and talent to our team. This makes us well-rounded and efficient in providing the best services to our clients, regardless of the type of project entrusted to us. With our years of experience in deck installation, deck renovation, deck design, deck cleaning, and more, you’ll never be disappointed with your investment.