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Bethel is a town in Fairfield County about 69 miles from New York City. With a population of approximately 19,800 residents, it is ranked as the 62nd largest community in Connecticut. Bethel first settled around 1700 and was incorporated in 1855, with its name translated from Hebrew as the “House of God.” Bethel lies in Danbury’s southern outskirts and holds more than two centuries of tales to tell. Many families with children live here, so it’s a great place to take into consideration when your small family is looking for a town to move into. Additionally, Ludlow Deck Builders significantly contribute to the beautification of Bethel houses by building durable and aesthetic decks and front porches. We provide an enjoyable outdoor living space for your homes where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or an afternoon of barbecue grilling on special days. Moreover, we accept repair and replacement projects to ensure that you continue to make the most of the expanse of your exterior.

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The environment is conducive to academic success due to good public schools in this town and a large population of college-educated adults. In fact, 45.40% of adults here have at least a bachelor’s degree. This town is the birthplace of the famed 19th-century politician and showman P.T. Barnum in 1810. He rose to popularity after establishing the Barnum and Bailey Circus – “The Greatest Show on Earth.” 

The Greenwood Avenue Historic District, located in Bethel, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The district includes the historic commercial village center of the town and displays several types of residential and commercial architecture from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century. The oldest building in the district is the Seth Seelye House, which is now the public library. The library was founded in 1909, but the building itself was built in 1842 as the Seelye Homestead. Eventually, it was donated to the town by the descendants of Seth Seelye. It offers a wide array of different services, eighty-four in total, including storytimes for children, drop-in crafts workshops, musical activities, book clubs, and movie nights on Mondays.

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Despite being considered as a smaller town compared to its neighbors, Bethel is home to rich homeowners. Its annual average income is $180,000 for a family of four. Bethel has instituted its place in the business side as early as the late 1700s through its hat-making factories. This went on until the 1900s. Today, Duracell, Inc. and Eaton Corporation, both power management companies, have headquarters in Bethel. Thanks to its lovable and law-abiding citizens, Bethel’s overall crime rate is lower than average for the country, with only seven crimes per 1,000 residents. This equates to only one in every 151 residents who might be a victim of any criminal or property case. Adding to its glaring sign of a booming economy are the regular Food Truck Fridays every first and third Friday evenings in June, July, and August. For the entire three months, you can enjoy a wide selection of foodies – from burgers, grinders, tacos, and burritos to artisanal hotdogs, BBQ, lobster rolls, and cinnamon churros among many others. Enjoy all these while local bands and artists liven up the music scene.

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