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New Canaan, Connecticut Porches Design and Installation

New Canaan is a small town located in Fairfield County, Connecticut. The small town has a population of 20,622 based on the 2020 census.

New Canaan is famous for its public parks, such as Waveny Park. The park consists of 300 acres of ponds, trails, and fields, as well as Waveny House. Waveny House is available for weddings and a variety of other functions. You can also witness a wide range of architecture and a town center with classic boutiques. 

New Canaan started as a Congregationalist parish in 1731 and did not get incorporated until 1801. Shoemaking took off in the town after the American Revolution. Then the railroad came to New Canaan in 1868, bringing wealthy New Yorkers looking for a country retreat. Lewis Lapham, the founder of Texaco, built Waveny House and summered on the estate for many years.

You can also find unique concentrations of mid-20th century modern homes, such as Philip Johnson’s Glass House in New Canaan. Today, Glass House is open to the public and guided tours are available. Unfortunately, not all the homes have been preserved; some have been torn down and new “cookie-cutter” homes have been built.

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Fairfield County’s vibrant arts scene is a reference point for the Silvermine Art Center. It is an art school and exhibition space composed of five galleries. The gallery was first established in 1908 when the artist Solon Borglum relocated to the town and started a club for artists. In addition, you can learn more about the town’s rich history by visiting the New Canaan Historical Society, a community founded in 1889. This society operates historic buildings and eight museums. 

Deck and Patio Construction

Your deck is a significant part of your home. A well-crafted deck speaks volumes about how much you value elegance and how you take care of your property. A poorly built deck not only looks less appealing, but it can be harmful, especially during the cold months. Make sure you choose a reliable, experienced local porch and deck builder, or you may wind up paying more for repairs in the future.


With quality deck installation and replacement as our expertise, we’ve got all you need to make the most out of your outdoor space. Along with deck building, we also build porches, pergolas, as well as quality patios. So, if you want to create the perfect outdoor space that you can enjoy with your friends and family, then our team can do all the work required to make your outdoor dream space happen.

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