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If you have grown tired of staying indoors, doing the same things over and over again like there’s no end to it, then now is the definite time for you to add another outdoor living space at home. Let go of your worries! Allow yourself to break free from the monotony of ordinary life experience. Build a patio, hardscape, and walkways, and you’ll definitely get the relaxation you deserve!

At Fairfield County Patio Builders, we will work closely with you to build quality, affordable, and state of the art patios and hardscapes that will surely complement your family’s lifestyle. We will walk you through the entire building process so you’re always involved and updated on the status of your project. No matter how small or big the job is, we will handle it with full commitment!



Hardscape Design and Construction

Yes, you’ve heard of landscaping, and you may have even heard also about hardscape design. But what difference would it really bring to your property? For one, hardscapes really help elevate your outdoor space by giving it a more balanced and focused dimensionality. Another is that hardscape designs can enhance the natural view of your outdoor space as hardscaping elements will highlight all your greeneries outside.

Patios and Hardscapes Trumbull CT Deck Builders

Hardscaping elements include the following:

● Decks
● Patios
● Pathways
● Stones and rocks
● Walls and fences
● Landscape edging
● Freestanding walls

Types of Patio Surface Options

When designing your outdoor patio space, you have different patio surface options to choose from. To know what these are, read on to learn more about each type.

One of the simplest ways to install a patio in your home is to use a gravel material. It’s an affordable material that will perfectly complement your outdoor garden setup. Weeds can’t act against a gravel surface as the gravel effectively chokes the weeds the moment they start growing. So, if you like simplicity and affordability, then a gravel patio surface is your best choice.

Concrete is next on the list of affordable patio material. Compared to gravel, it’s easier to maintain and it’s a perfect fit to be used as a base for a garden patio. Also, it’s highly feasible for you to place decorative tiles and other ornamentals on top of a concrete material, so your patio would surely look beautifully attractive. With proper maintenance, you can trust that a concrete patio surface would really last for a much longer time.

Pavement Patios are composed of modular pieces that are all equally thick, so they can be conveniently placed on the surface ground. They come in many different shapes, patterns, colors, and their textures come in a variety of patterns. Just don’t forget that when you opt for a pavement patio, you must hire a team of skilled patio builders, so the job would be a guaranteed success.

If you want your patio and walkway area to really look impressively beautiful, then consider using clay bricks as your patio material. With their classic timeless appeal, they truly look stunning when used to create a patio area. Although they are quite costly compared to the other patio materials, every penny you spend would surely be worth it!

Nothing can beat the endless range of decorative options that you can apply in your outdoor space with a patio tile material. They can easily be placed on top of another surface like concrete slabs; your options are limitless when it comes to choosing color and texture patterns; and, you can even combine different patterns and colors, depending on your personal taste. It’s no surprise therefore why a tile patio has caught the interest of many homeowners.

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