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Real estate experts agree that installing a deck in your property offers a 100% return value to your investment. Such is because decks are the hottest trend among property investors today. A deck can totally enhance the curb appeal of your home property, therefore making it highly attractive to homebuyers. 

But if your reason for installing a new deck at home is purely for personal family use, then the more you should pursue that plan. You can use your deck to incorporate a variety of other features built for outdoor living space. You can place fire pits in there with a comfortable seating arrangement for your family to enjoy on a cold night. You can even use it to plant herbs or container gardens to add a touch of greenery to your outdoor space. Indeed, your life at home is made cozier and you become even more productive when you install a deck at home. 

If you want your family to also experience the conveniences of having a deck at home, then get one for your home now. Ludlow Deck Builders can with deck design and deck installation with your preferred type of deck from any brand of decking materials.

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How to Get Started with Deck Installation

A deck installation project can really be overwhelming, but we are here to help you smoothen the process. No matter the shape, size, and location of your project, our deck contractors in Fairfield CT, Weston CT, Trumbull, CT, Easton, CT, and nearby towns are fully equipped to actualize all the minute details of your deck construction project. 
The process of the entire build is divided into four key areas – design, pre-installation, subframe construction, and installation of boards and trims. As the first phase is all about design considerations, we will set up a meeting between you and our deck designers and talk to you about your expectations, proposed budget, and any ideas that you’d like to be included in the design.
Once we get a thorough understanding of your deck project, including the materials to be used, we will then make a blueprint design and give you a copy of it for your own reference.  
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Deck Materials

There are a multitude of deck material options available in the market. But different circumstances call for different types of decking. So, if you have no knowledge of what these materials are like, you would really face some difficulty which one is most fitting for your project.  
Well, you won’t have to worry about that because our deck construction team in Fairfield County is expert in all kinds of decking materials. They can help you choose the most fitting material for your specific deck project as they have done this for many years already. They were able to pull off all tasks they’ve handled, without fail. 

These are some of the decking materials you can choose from:

1. Wood Decking Materials

Wood materials are the most common decking option because they are strong, easy to install, and wood feels good under bare feet. The most popular choices among wood materials are redwood, tropical hardwoods, pressure-treated wood, and cedar. 

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2. Composite Decking Materials

This type of decking material is among the fastest growing decking options available today. Since they are primarily made from wood fibers and recycled plastic, these boards therefore don’t get easily affected by rot or insects. They also don’t splinter and don’t need to be coated due to their built-in UV resistance feature.

3. Plastic Decking Materials

When you hear of plastic material, you may immediately think it’s hazardous to the environment. But that’s not the case here in plastic decking materials. This type of decking material is made from environmentally safe plastic, and there’s no wood material in it at all. It won’t splinter, it requires little maintenance, although they squeak when you walk on them.

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4. AZEK Decking Materials

Made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, Azek decking is known for its durability, exceptional strength, and low maintenance. Azek boards do not contain any wood fibers, so they won’t absorb moisture or be susceptible to rot. Moreover, this decking material is resistant to termites and other insects.  So, expect a longer life expectancy when you opt for this material.

5. Trex Decking Materials

Trex is designed to look and feel like real wood. It is composed of recycled material that includes sawdust, reclaimed wood, and ground up plastic. This type of decking material is a perfect choice for those who love the natural look of wood, but don’t want to deal with all the maintenance needed in a wood decking material.

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