Seven Questions You Should Always Ask To Find The Best Deck Contractor

You have made a wise decision to employ a deck builder. That is great! The next step is choosing a trustworthy one. But how do you know when you have identified a standout among the many deck contractors in the Fairfield County, Bridgeport, and Stamford area?

Asking the correct questions to a deck contractor helps you reduce your hunt and select a contractor whose style matches the outcome you expect. Because hiring porch and deck builders can be challenging, having a clue of where to look for one benefits you.

But, during an interview, what are some questions you should ask? Ludlow Deck Builders created this list to help. When evaluating potential decking contractors, remember these considerations in mind:

Are you licensed and covered by insurance?

If the answer is not a resounding “yes,” end your dialogue here. A prospective general contractor should be able to provide proof of insurance and company license upon inquiry. Reluctance, hesitancy, or avoidance are all huge warning flags.

Does a warranty cover your work?

Deck contractors should provide a formal statement outlining the kind and duration of warranty they will give for their work. Guarantees usually last a year from the completion date. Remember, while labor warranties may be limited to a year or two, much more extended warranties frequently cover the items and equipment they use and install.

At the end of the renovation, you should gather and keep any product-related necessary documentation. Call us to learn more about warranties for your porch or deck project in Stamford, Bridgeport, or Fairfield County.

Can you provide references?

It is easy to find online reviews, but speaking with a previous client provides an additional level of assurance. Check these sources before getting a quotation. Doing so is wise and reassuring at the same time.

Do you hire subcontractors?

Some deck builders employ external contractors to finish tasks (or part of tasks) for them. While having highly skilled professionals work on your deck is beneficial, it can generate communication problems.

Deck companies that use their own teams know each employee’s background and personality better. They also have more control over every part of the project, increasing the likelihood that everything will run according to plan.

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How long will it take and when will you start?

It is essential to get a sense of how long your project will take before you begin planning. Depending on the season, you may have to wait weeks for an opening. This might be a major factor when hiring a deck builder.

Do you require a deposit?

Most deck builders do this to assure clients and pay material costs. Request specifics on the initial deposit. It is typically between 10% and 30%. A deposit of more than 30% rarely happens, and there is likely no legitimate reason for this requirement.

How much will my new deck cost?

While each homeowner will have a different budget in mind, and when all other criteria are equal, a quotation that is neither the highest nor the lowest is usually the safest option. You should also be aware of how and when the contractor expects to be paid. says that paying large deposits in advance is not a good idea. A rational schedule would likely require a small down payment upon contract signing. Then, a 30% payment when the excavation work and decking supports are installed—followed by a 30% payment when the framing is finished. Lastly, the final payment upon successful project completion.

Do you have more questions for your search for the best deck contractor? We are here for you! Call Ludlow Deck Builders today to have them answered. We will gladly assist you in your porch renovation journey.