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Is Your Deck Ready for Winter?

Now that winter has arrived, you may need to prepare your deck to withstand its biggest enemy– moisture. Whether you have a new or old deck, sealing treatments are required to avoid splintering, cracking, or rotting caused by dampness.

Deck Sealing - Fairfield County Deck Builders

One of the most significant aspects of deck upkeep is deck sealing. It not only adds beauty but also increases the longevity of the deck. However, as a homeowner, you may have various questions, such as how often to do it and how to do it. Nonetheless, you’ve come to the right place.

How Do I Know if My Deck Needs to be Resealed?

Water Beading on Seal Deck - Fairfield County Deck Builders

Before you decide to seal your deck or restore it, you should check its current state. You can simply sprinkle some water on your deck and observe the water beads on it. If the beads are intact and not absorbed, this indicates that it is in good condition. However, if the water beads get absorbed, it is high time you do your deck maintenance. This indicates that the seal has worn off, and the deck is at risk of rotting, splitting, warping, and erosion.

Other visible signs could help you assess your deck’s condition, such as molds, mildew buildup, or the stain color wearing off.

How Often Should I Reseal My Deck?

This will depend on the factors which your deck is experiencing. The more it experiences these factors, the more often you need to reseal your deck.

Usage. A large amount of daily foot traffic can wear your deck’s sealant with the scrubbing and the pebbles that it comes in contact with. People also have this habit of dragging chairs and furniture around, which causes scratches and tears on the deck.

Exposure to the elements 24/7 or weather conditions. The more your deck is exposed to sunlight, rain, wind, ocean breeze, ice, and snow, the faster sealants can wear off and damage the wood, leading to splinters, cracks, or rotting.

Cracked weathered Wood Deck - Fairfield County Deck Builders

Level of protection from sealants used. Sealants also play a big role in maintaining your deck’s integrity. To understand which sealants to use on your deck, you can consult a professional for help and check what type of deck sealer you should use.

If you have a standard wooden deck, then you can have it resealed once a year for protection. Depending on the deck’s condition, you can have it adjusted. If you are on a tight budget, then you can have it done every three years, which is the minimum. However, it is highly advisable to reseal your deck as soon as it shows signs of splintering, cracking, warping, rotting, or erosion.

What Does Resealing Typically Involve?

You need to follow several steps in preparation to apply another coat of sealant on your deck.

Power Washing on Deck - Fairfield County Deck Builders

First is to deeply clean your deck with a power washer, hose, or scrub brush. This will remove the dirt and stains on your deck. Next, you need to sand away the surface and remove imperfections and splintering to ensure a level appearance. You also need to check for rotted or damaged wooden boards and replace them with new ones, if necessary. After making sure all is clean, repaired, and dry, you can now apply the sealer with a paint roller, a paintbrush, or a spray tool.

What Type of Deck Sealer Should I Use?

As mentioned above, the type of deck sealer you should use could be one of the factors that you should consider when deciding how often you will reseal your deck. There are several kinds of deck sealer that you can use depending on the wood that you have. If you are not sure which one’s the best for you, you can consult deck contractors near you. They will assist you in your deck refinishing and finding the right product. To give an overview, here are the three common deck sealers:

Clear Sealer - Fairfield County Deck Builders

Clear Sealer. It’s a sealer that waterproofs your deck without changing the natural color of your wood. It protects the wood from UV rays and prevents it from aging.

Semi-Transparent. Similar to the clear sealant, it provides UV ray protection and waterproofing. However, it’s tinted, thus, changing the color of your deck Solid Stain. Not a sealer, but it works like one. It gives UV ray protection as well as waterproofing but is fairly opaque in color.

Deck Sealing in Fairfield County, Connecticut

Deck Sealing - Fairfield County Deck Builders

If you live in Fairfield County, Connecticut and think it’s time to refurbish your deck, contact Ludlow Deck Builders!

Ludlow Deck Builders understands that many homeowners just want to spend time with their families. A beautiful deck is ideal for sharing a meal, entertaining friends, and having a good time. You should not have to be concerned with time-consuming deck upkeep. Leave the work to us. When you’re ready to have your deck sealed or resealed, give us a call at 203-904-2564.

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