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How to Prepare Your Deck For Winter

We all know the importance of preparing our outdoor space for winter so we can enjoy a beautiful garden and yard in the spring. Keeping your deck strong during the winter can be challenging. You might find yourself wondering how you can keep your furniture safe, prevent mildew growth, as well as keep your floorboards and planters functional when the spring comes. So, to keep it in its best shape, give the tips listed below a try to help maintain your deck all year round.

Inspect your deck

When preparing your garden and lawn for the cold months ahead, you must thoroughly inspect your deck first. Do a visual inspection in the spring or monitor any signs of damages that may occur during the summer. Check for any signs of mold, rot, and mildew. You may see some spots underneath your furniture where moisture is often invisible. Also, check the stairs, footings, and railings. Lastly, tighten any loose boards or screws you find. 

Clean and prepare

One of the most important steps in winterizing your deck is to thoroughly clean it. Remove all furniture and decorative items. Sweep up the dirt or debris on the surface. It is best to keep your deck clean to prevent moisture build-up that can encourage algae growth. 

Search for tough stains around your potted plans and under your furnishings. You don’t want to use a heavy-duty power washer because they can be too powerful for your deck boards. Instead, you can ask for help from a professional power washer to keep your deck boards clean. 

Apply Some Protective Finish

Finishing your deck with wood protection will protect your deck boards from harmful elements. Consider a water-resistant seal because it can successfully penetrate the deck and keep snow and water from getting through while allowing your deck to breathe. You also want a protective finish that has UV protection to keep your decks from turning grey or losing their color and shine.

Cover Up With Tarp

Cover your furniture, floorboards space, and other items with a tarp to give your exterior space extra protection. Using a tarp to cover your deck furniture and other outdoor belongings will stop the snow from falling into it directly. Or, you can keep them in a storage unit or garage temporarily. Just be sure to sweep the snow and debris off the tarp to avoid snow buildup. 

Pots and Planters

Putting pots and planters on your deck’s surface can cause staining. Because there are holes on your pots, moisture that runs off can’t evaporate between the planter and the deck. Consider temporarily removing your planters away from your deck or moving them around to decrease this problem.

Eliminate Mildew Growth

Needless to say, mildew must be removed as soon as it appears. Allowing mold to grow untreated, especially during the winter, leads to more deck damage. There are commercial products you can use to remove and kill mildew. You can also make use of your everyday household cleaners to keep mold from damaging your deck even further. 

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If you want to keep your deck safe and functional during the winter, ask the deck experts at Ludlow Deck Builders. We can assess your deck and get it ready for the cold months ahead. Our professionals will look into ways to keep your outdoor space structurally sound all year round. Call us at 203-904-2564 today. Our friendly representatives are looking forward to helping you maintain your outdoor space.

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